Case Studies

Change a Child’s Life

12 Buckets create a safe space for kids to focus on themselves, establish connections, and be challenged to grow through their one-to-one mentoring program. The website was designed to engage and build awareness in the Perth community.

Building Awareness

This Not-for-profit web project focused on building awareness for 12 Buckets. We wanted the users to feel connected to the brand through a welcoming and friendly interface. Key call-to-actions were built into the interface to create real action on the site and allow 12 Buckets to meet the goals of the organisation – increase mentor enquiries and build community support.

12 Buckets Web Design

Increase Donations, Build Trust

12 Buckets had run a website for some time but needed to take the web experience to the next level. We focused on building an engaging website that would increase trust and help the organisation to increase its pool of mentors.

The website has a dedicated donation function and the ability to fundraise through the sale of specific products using Woo Commerce.