Case Studies

Enriched by Effort

Eastern Hills SHS is a public secondary school and serves an aspirational community in Mount Helena and surrounds. With advancing technology and the growth of the digital ecosystem, Eastern Hills SHS needed to re-imagine its website and align with the vision of the school and the strong community.

School web Design Perth - Homepage

Specifically, the new website fulfills the following school needs:

  • build engagement and trust, becoming a key tool to promote the school
  • create confidence and project a modern, vibrant and supportive environment for all students
  • provide a hub for essential school information
  • showcase the school to create connection within the community
  • continue building a reputation as a school of excellence
School Web Design - Mobile
School Web Design - Mobile

Target Audience Needs

The target audience for the school website are parents and caregivers in the local intake area as well as prospective teachers and staff. Parents outside the local intake area looking at the Specialist Programs were also a key audience.

The new website needed to assist the target audience to do the following:

  • find relevant and useful information on all aspects of the school
  • learn more about the specialist programs
  • enrol (or register interest) with the school
  • feel confidence and pride in the school and the community
  • engage with the school online