Case Studies

Partner Clients With The Right Employees

As a leading labour-hire company from Western Australia, Flexistaff needed a new website that could act as a powerful communication tool for their current clientele, attract a new audience, and propel the company into the digital future.

Flexistaff WordPress Website

Powerful Communication Tool

Flexistaff specialises in blue-collar, professional and hospitality placements. In recent years, Flexistaff’s business growth, technological advancements and the emergence of the digital marketing landscape have sparked the need for a new web design. Flexistaff needed a website that would bring their business into the future, act as a powerful communication tool for their current clientele, help them connect with a new audience base.

Flexistaff had a number of business goals in mind including a focus on:

  • Increasing direct leads and traffic.
  • Showcasing current jobs and allow users to easily apply and connect with Flexistaff
  • Keeping a strong brand consistency.
  • Increasing awareness and consolidating the companies position in the market.
  • Having a consistent message that connects directly with their audience.

Also required was a content management system (WordPress) that would allow FlexiStaff to easily manage content on the site and reduce administrative costs.

Flexistaff Mobile WordPress Website
Mobile Website Flexistaff

Target Audience Needs

FlexiStaff had two key target audiences that their website needed to attract; job seekers and companies looking to hire staff.

The new website assists the target audiences to:

  • intuitively guide the users to the information that they need
  • apply directly for available positions
  • easily engage and connect with FlexiStaff online
  • learn more about the people and the company culture and values feel confidence, trust and connection to the brand

FlexiStaff’s new website acts as a powerful information hub for existing clients, potential new clients, candidates and stakeholders.