The Process

The Brief

First off we need to find out why you need a new website and exactly what your goals are. We may need to dig deep here and uncover your darkest secrets, well, maybe not that dramatic, but we need to find out the WHY.

Develop Information Architecture

This is where we look at the complete workings of the site, from key functionality and structure to the User Experience and User Interface strategies. We dig down on the interaction between users, content and context (goals, technology, resources etc).

The Sitemap

Once we get all the information needed, we will build a visual sitemap so we can all get on the same page quickly. This will act as our map to structure the site so we provide the best user experience possible.


This is where we get creative and build a stunning, brand driven design. You may have to put your socks back on after this as it is quite possible they may be blown off!


Then all goes quiet for a small amount of time as we do all the secret stuff in the backend. There’s symbols, code, matrix style screens. Let’s just say we spend a lot of time indoors at this stage!

The Launch

Finally we put the site through our 42 point pre-flight check and then launch it into cyberspace so that the rest of the world can visit it on computers, tablets and smartphones. Phew!

Of course we have mandatory fireworks and party pies once the website is live.. and now the fun really begins.