The Process

The Brief

To begin, we need to understand the fundamental reasons behind your need for a new website and precisely what goals you aim to achieve. This phase may involve thoroughly examining your current situation and objectives to grasp your “why fully.” By delving deeply into your motivations, we can ensure that the new website aligns perfectly with your business needs and aspirations.

  • Identify business goals and objectives
  • Understand current website limitations
  • Define target audience and user needs
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Analyse competitors and market trends

Develop Information Architecture

In this phase, we meticulously plan your website’s entire structure and functionality. We focus on creating an optimal User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) by analysing the interaction between users, content, and context, which includes goals, technology, and resources. Our aim is to develop a robust framework that supports seamless navigation and engagement for your users.

  • Conduct user research and persona development
  • Define site structure and hierarchy
  • Map out user journeys and workflows
  • Determine key functionalities and features
  • Develop wireframes and prototypes for testing
  • Implement SEO best practices in site architecture
  • Ensure URL structure, metadata, and keyword optimisation
  • Plan for fast load times and mobile responsiveness

The Sitemap

With all the necessary information in hand, we construct a visual sitemap. This crucial document serves as a blueprint, allowing us to effectively align our vision and structure the website. The sitemap ensures that everyone involved understands the site’s layout, facilitating creating a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

  • Organise content into categories and subcategories
  • Establish clear navigation paths
  • Identify primary and secondary pages
  • Ensure SEO-friendly structure
  • Collaborate with stakeholders for feedback and approval


Our creativity takes centre stage as we craft a visually stunning, brand-aligned design. We aim to create an exceptional design that resonates with your brand identity. Prepare to be amazed; our designs are crafted to leave a lasting impression and potentially exceed your expectations.

  • Develop design concepts and mood boards
  • Create high-fidelity mockups and layouts
  • Ensure consistency with brand guidelines
  • Focus on responsive and mobile-first design
  • Incorporate accessibility best practices


Following the design phase, we enter the development stage, where our team works diligently behind the scenes. This phase involves intricate coding and the integration of advanced functionalities. Although it may seem quiet from the outside, our developers are hard at translating the design into a fully functional website using cutting-edge technology.

  • Set up development environment and repositories
  • Implement front-end and back-end development.
  • Integrate content management system (CMS)
  • Ensure cross-browser and cross-device compatibility
  • Conduct rigorous testing and quality assurance

The Launch

Finally, we conduct a comprehensive 42-point pre-launch checklist to ensure every aspect of the site is functioning perfectly. Once all checks are complete, we launch your website into the digital world. Your new site will be accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones, ready to engage and impress your audience.

  • Perform final usability and performance testing
  • Conduct SEO optimisation and analytics setup
  • Provide client training and documentation
  • Plan and execute a strategic launch campaign
  • Monitor site performance post-launch and provide ongoing support