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Digital Marketing Case Study

September 18, 2019

Michael DuncanCreative Director at Meta Creative

The Sanchaya is a luxury beachside estate on Bintan Island. We've been working for over 18 months on their Digital Marketing.

The Sanchaya

A luxurious island retreat on the Indonesian island of Bintan, The Sanchaya needed help to drive targeted traffic to their website and provide a strong platform to increase bookings and brand engagement.

The most important part of this project initially was making sure the website was set up correctly. This is usually the case for Digital Marketing as driving traffic to an unoptimised site can be detrimental. You want to make sure you have the best opportunity to connect with your target market and make the user experience optimal.

Some of the website updates performed were:

  • Full website audit
  • Add analytics and the Facebook pixel
  • Make sure there were clear call-to-actions
  • Consolidate the pages and create the most intuitive experience for the user
  • SEO Audit to make sure Google indexed the site for specific keywords
  • Technical check (adding HTTPS, increasing website speed etc)

Sanchaya Website Design

Once we were at a stage where the site was optimised for user experience we set up paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns around specific events at the estate and general re-targeting through the Facebook pixel.

Below is an example of a Facebook advert we used:


Facebook Ads - Digital Marketing

Landing pages on the website played a key role in the digital marketing process. Each special event (Guest fitness influencers / Festive season etc) would have a dedicated landing page where the call to action was clear – Book Now. The pages didn’t contain any menus so that we had the full attention of the user on that page. Specific conversion events were also setup so that we could monitor activity based on the ads pushing traffic to the page. We built out specific audiences for each advert depending on the target market.

At the end of each month we send through a report to The Sanchaya outlining the key website analytics, ad spend and key Facebook ad metrics (impressions, landing page views, conversions etc

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