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School Web Design

Elevate your school’s online presence with a custom-designed website that aligns with your vision.

Our commitment is to provide tailored school web design solutions that meet your specific needs, focusing on tangible results and creating an outstanding online experience for your entire school community.

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WordPress-Powered Excellence

Our expertise lies in harnessing the WordPress framework’s power to create visually appealing school websites that are also speedy, responsive, and highly functional. By utilising this robust platform, we ensure that your school’s digital presence is not only cutting-edge but also easily maintainable, giving you the flexibility to adapt to evolving needs.

Tailored for Success

Every school is unique, and so are its goals. With over 15 years of experience in web design, we understand the intricacies of building websites that contribute to your school’s journey. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the design phase – we pride ourselves on having an extensive and insightful understanding of web interactions within the education sector. By leveraging advanced analytics, we gather comprehensive data on user engagement, site navigation, and other key metrics specific to schools. This wealth of information allows us to design and optimise visually stunning websites for enhanced user experience and performance.

Comprehensive Branding Solutions

Beyond web design, we offer comprehensive school branding solutions designed to elevate the visual presence of Perth schools. Explore our branding portfolio to witness how we can transform your school’s identity, creating an engaging brand that resonates with your community.

Covering Primary and High Schools

Our expertise covers primary and high schools. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant online platform for primary education or a sophisticated interface for high school communication, our school web design services cater to your school’s specific needs.

We redefine the standards of school web design in Perth. Together, let’s build a digital presence that meets and exceeds your expectations, setting the stage for your school’s continued success.

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Lesmurdie Senior High School WordPress Website

Lesmurdie SHS

Thriving in a Nurturing Environment

Lesmurdie Senior High School WordPress Website

Lesmurdie Senior High School, nestled amidst the picturesque hills surrounding Perth, stands as an Independent Public School. Rooted in a dedicated learning community, the school ardently pursues its vision within the dynamic backdrop of an ever-evolving global village. Here, students not only thrive but also find nurturing support, fostering growth within their carefully cultivated environment.

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Ocean Reef SHS - School Web Design

Ocean Reef SHS Web Design

Opportunity Challenge Growth

Ocean Reef SHS - School Web Design

Ocean Reef SHS is a public secondary school and serves a vibrant community in Ocean Reef and surrounds. Ocean Reef SHS needed to design its school website to align with the vision of the school and the target audience.

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School web Design Perth - Homepage

Eastern Hills SHS

Enriched by Effort

School web Design Perth - Homepage

Eastern Hills SHS is a public secondary school and serves an aspirational community in Mount Helena and surrounds. With advancing technology and the growth of the digital ecosystem, Eastern Hills SHS needed to re-imagine its website and align with the vision of the school and the strong community.

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Bob Hawke College

Bob Hawke College

Extraordinary Together

Bob Hawke College

Bob Hawke College is an extraordinary new high school in Perth and a central hub for the Subiaco community. Bob Hawke College had not had a dedicated website presence and with the school opening in 2020, needed a school website that projected its unique brand.

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Bicton Primary School

Together we learn together we grow

Located in the suburb of Bicton east of Fremantle; Bicton Primary was established in 1904 The new website was built to connect the community and provide a web experience to showcase the supportive and nurturing environment of the primary school

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How We Approach Each School Web Design Project


Tailored for Your School Community

Our School Web Design process begins with a deep understanding of your school’s unique needs and values. We create websites with the school community in mind, ensuring a user-friendly interface that fosters meaningful connections. By prioritising inclusivity, we make certain that the website becomes a central hub for communication and collaboration, strengthening the bond within your educational ecosystem.


Cutting-Edge Technology for Effortless Management

We leverage the latest in web technology to develop websites that not only meet but exceed industry standards. The intuitive backend interface empowers you to manage and update content with ease. This not only saves valuable time but also helps in reducing administration costs, allowing you to invest resources where they matter most—your students’ education


Goal-Driven Approach with Analytical Insights

Our commitment goes beyond just designing a visually appealing website. We work closely with you to set specific goals for your school website, whether it’s enhancing communication, promoting events, or showcasing achievements. Through comprehensive analysis of website activity, we provide valuable insights that enable you to track progress and witness tangible results.