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December 6, 2019

Michael DuncanCreative Director at Meta Creative

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Kickstart Your Ideas for Content

Right, you to sit down ready to plan out and write your content for your social and digital marketing… and then nothing!

We have all been there, we know the feeling of writers’ block. So, what are some of the ways to let the creativity and words flow into engaging and targeted content for your audience?

First and foremost we need to have a really good grip on who we are trying to target with the content. Without this squared away, we can’t begin to build out content ideas. 

Once the audience is defined we can start to break down content ideas into general categories. See the list below for some examples:

  • Industry News
  • Latest Trends
  • Company News
  • Events News
  • Tips or advice
  • Staff/people profiles and news

It makes it much easier to create content if you have these breakdowns to work with. If you create one piece of content per category, you already have a good amount of content to use.

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But what about the process of actually writing the content.

What we have found good to do (once you have your framework in place) is to give yourself 30 minutes to start writing. Once you have a few words or paragraphs down you can at least start to build some momentum. If the words aren’t flowing, stop after your 30 minutes and save. Give yourself a good break (this could be 15 minutes or a day or two) and come back to it with fresh eyes. If you feel you are in a flow with the content and the 30 minutes is up, keep going until you hit the inevitable block.

Google search is great to generate content ideas. Search for your service or product and Google will give you lots of ideas, things like frequently asked questions and popular articles. Sites like Buzz Sumo are good too, based on a topic they will give you a list of trending articles on various platforms.

In the beginning, give yourself a realistic target of content pieces to write. Start with one per week and build up.

The content game is all about building habits into your digital marketing and social media routine. There is a wealth of ideas out there – get a routine, build a strategy and get that content flowing.