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Northern Valleys Locavore Store

October 21, 2019

Michael DuncanCreative Director at Meta Creative

Great working with the folks at NVLS. A new WooCommerce web design focused on the user experience and creating an intuitive online store.


Northern Valleys Locavore Store (NVLS) is an e-commerce platform that sells good quality, ethically and sustainably produced food in the Northern Valleys region. NVLS had run a website for some time and they needed to expand, NVLS needed a redesign to align with the goals of the business and the target audience.

eCommerce Web Design Perth

Store Needs

Specifically, the new eCommerce website needed to fulfill the following needs:

  • create a simple and intuitive e-commerce platform, driven by the vendors, to increase sales and reach
  • showcase the local growers products in a clean and engaging interface
  • increase engagement, connection and interest in the business
  • build a captivated audience through stories and news about the local area


We recommended the development of a brand new website, with a custom design and interface to convey the value that NVLS adds to its audience.

The new eCommerce website is designed to:

  • engage the users on arrival and provide an intuitive and dynamic interface so that the users can access all relevant information and functionality with ease
  • provide a comprehensive e-commerce platform (using Woo Commerce and Dokan Multi-Vendor Marketplace)
  • have a simple vendor interface for managing stock
  • encourage the audience to engage with NVLS and its vendors
  • provide easy payment options for customers
  • be fully mobile/device responsive
  • be found easily through organic search
  • ability to create custom product bundles

Visit the NVLS website here