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Paid Social Media: A Case Study in Customer Growth

January 4, 2024

Michael DuncanCreative Director at Meta Creative

Meta Creative

Aussie Natural Spring Water is a spring water delivery service based in Perth, Western Australia, offering a quality product with fast and friendly delivery. Aussie Natural aimed to attract more customers to their services, and Meta Creative provided the solution through our robust digital advertising services. Utilising Facebook and Instagram advertising, we have generated a consistent flow of high-quality leads that convert each month.

Client Requirements

The paid social media campaigns needed to focus on the following:

  • Perth audience (within 30 km of Perth City).
  • Incentivise customers for both homes and offices.
  • Generate sales in cooler months.
  • Achieve consistent leads every month.
  • Embody the friendly and affordable service of Aussie Natural Spring Water.

Our Approach

Utilising the information from Aussie Natural, we got to work designing their campaigns. We understand that one ad isn’t enough for service-based companies to convert an audience. Instead, they need multiple touchpoints before taking action.

With this in mind, we did the following:

  1. Built two campaigns: Brand Awareness and Retargeting.
  2. The brand awareness campaign was not sales-oriented; instead, it was informative. The only call to action was to “learn more.”
  3. The retargeting campaign focused on users who had visited the website or interacted with an Aussie Natural social post on Instagram or Facebook in the last 30 days. The retargeting creative copy was more direct, requesting users to fill out a simple form to receive a call-back from the Aussie Natural team regarding their water needs.
  4. All campaigns targeted Perth audiences within 30 km of Perth City.
  5. All ads had multiple copy options to target individuals interested in water for their homes and offices.
  6. The ad copy and creative were switched out as we entered the cooler months. During this period, we incentivised audiences with a special autumn and winter deal.
  7. To encourage increased water consumption during cooler months, we crafted organic social posts reminding people to prioritise their health by staying hydrated. We also offered simple ways to consume more water. This strategy served as an additional touchpoint to convert customers who may be undecided.
  8. The ads were simple, direct, and accessible. Water is necessary, and our primary focus was on highlighting this and making it easy for customers.

Visit Aussie Natural Spring Water’s website for more information on their services.

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