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Top 3 Plugins for 2017

November 10, 2017

Michael DuncanCreative Director at Meta Creative

Yup, its coming to the end of the year quicker than the Flash!

WordPress Plugins 2017

Looking back at the development work we have done on various WordPress web design projects over the year, I’d like to reflect on the top 3 plugins we have used on our website projects.

1. Security – Shield Security.

A great plug and play security plugin that secures your site in one click. It also has heaps of custom features that can added for extra security. Security is such an important part of you WordPress website.


2. SEO – The SEO Framework.

Wow, I’ve had some great success with this WordPress SEO plugin. I was and still am a fan of Yoast, but I have just found this plugin to be super intuitive and simple. It doesn’t have any of the extra baggage of Yoast and is super fast.


3. Forms – Gravity Forms.

What can I say, simply the best form plugin ever. I’ve used Gravity for a couple of years now, but it continues to improve and the added functionality and integration it offers is second to none. WordPress forms should only be Gravity Forms, it’s that simple!