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What Makes a Great School Web Design Experience?

May 29, 2019

Michael DuncanCreative Director at Meta Creative

Creating an engaging school web site experience is a must when it comes to adding value to your school community.

Let’s explore some of the key objectives that should always be taken into account when building your school web experience?

School Web Design Perth
  1. Always think about the different audiences that you want to engage with on the website. You can usually break this down into Parents, Students (both current and prospective), prospective staff and the local community.
    – Define who they are
    – Think about the website through their eyes, and what they want
  2. What are the goals of the website? This is a great question to ask – what do you want to see with the website over the next 12 months? Is it increased school enrolments, a more positive view of the school, or just increased interaction with your school website. Write down at least 3 goals you want to hit.
  3. How will you maintain the site over the school year? The website should be as intuitive as possible. A Content Management System (like WordPress) should be used – so that staff can keep content up to date throughout the year.

So this covers a little bit of the thinking behind building a school web design that will engage and build a connection with your school community. When the school website is set up correctly, it becomes a key factor in the growth the school.