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Simplify Your WordPress Management with Meta Creative in Sydney

At Meta Creative, we understand your WordPress website’s vital role in your business success. It’s your virtual storefront, a platform for customer connection, and a gateway to new opportunities.

Why Choose Our WordPress Care Packages?

Maintaining and ensuring your website’s smooth operation around the clock can be time-consuming and demanding. That’s where our WordPress Care Packages come in, designed to help you:

  • Save Time: Let us handle the maintenance so you can focus on running your business.
  • Ensure Reliability: We keep your website running smoothly 24/7.
  • Reduce Stress: Say goodbye to the headaches of website maintenance.

Focus on Your Business Goals

With our expert Sydney-based team handling your WordPress needs, you can concentrate on achieving your business goals without the hassle of website upkeep. Let Meta Creative handle the technical details so you can thrive in what you do best.

Why do you need a care package?

Peace of mind

Knowing that we are looking after your site and if anything goes a bit pear shaped, we have you covered.


Websites are vulnerable to attack and we make sure we have defenses in place to repel the nasty hackers.


We are here to help you stay active on your site, this helps to attract your market and build engagement.

Our WordPress Care Packages take the stress out of managing and updating your own site. Our team will help you to keep the site fresh, safe and secure. We offer 3 levels of care that will keep your site in protected, updated and loved.

Pricing table

  • Backups
  • Security Monitoring
  • Software & Plugin Updates
  • Database Optimisation
  • Spam & Revision Cleanup
  • Web Updates*
  • Site Review
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Monthly Report
  • Cancellation Policy


$187 per month

  • BackupsMonthly
  • Security MonitoringYes
  • Software & Plugin UpdatesYes
  • Database OptimisationNo
  • Spam & Revision CleanupNo
  • Web Updates*1 Job
  • Site ReviewNo
  • Email SupportYes
  • Phone SupportNo
  • Monthly ReportNo
  • Cancellation PolicyAnytime


$357 per month

  • BackupsWeekly
  • Security MonitoringYes
  • Software & Plugin UpdatesYes
  • Database OptimisationYes
  • Spam & Revision CleanupYes
  • Web Updates*4 Jobs
  • Site ReviewAnnually
  • Email SupportYes
  • Phone SupportNo
  • Monthly ReportYes
  • Cancellation PolicyAnytime


$747 per month

  • BackupsDaily
  • Security MonitoringYes
  • Software & Plugin UpdatesYes
  • Database OptimisationYes
  • Spam & Revision CleanupYes
  • Web Updates*Unlimited
  • Site ReviewQuarterly
  • Email SupportYes
  • Phone SupportYes
  • Monthly ReportYes
  • Cancellation PolicyAnytime

*This includes design and functionality updates. It does not include changing the sites theme or structure.

Please note, prices are ex. GST. If you are an agency we can cater the packages to include multiple sites.

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