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Thinking about a WordPress website for your business?

July 7, 2017

Michael DuncanCreative Director at Meta Creative

Meta Creative

Within the digital marketing space, the website still has a place in your strategy. But, do you know what it takes to create a successful WordPress website?

I’d love to provide some a couple of key points to start your website journey, and every journey starts off with one thing – a goal.

Digital Marketing

The Goal

What do you want to achieve with your website? This is the key element of every successful website build. Without this, a web design company can’t provide you with any strategy, costs or working website that will work.

So get down and dirty and work out what needs to happen on your website.

  • Do you want to increase your email database?
  • Do you want to provide a place where customers can access great content?
  • Are you looking to increase sales of your amazing product?

Keep asking the questions until you are crystal clear on the main goal (or goals) for your website.

WordPress Process

The Audience

Who are you trying to serve with your website? Along with the goal, this part of the journey is paramount for online success.

Get really specific with building out your audience profile, jot down their profile using age, gender, occupation, likes and dislikes, level of technical knowledge and the list goes on – get really detailed.

When you have your perfect client (or customer) you can build out the plan to get these guys to take action on your website and provide a great user experience for this audience.

If you start off your WordPress website journey with these two key elements, you will be well placed to get your kick ass website up and running.