Case Studies

Your Occupational Healthcare Partner

Logic Health exists to deliver dedicated and customised occupational healthcare solutions across Australia. Logic Health needed to re-imagine their web presence to create a modern and functional web experience, enhancing engagement and building leads.

Logic Health - Web Design

The new website build needed to fulfill the following needs:

  • increase direct leads and traffic
  • showcase current services and locations
  • keep a strong brand consistency
  • increase awareness and consolidate the companies position in the market

Also required was a content management system that would allow Logic Health to easily manage content on the site and reduce administrative costs.

Mobile View - Web Design
Mobile View - Web Design

Website Development Solutions

We recommended the development of a completely new WordPress website, built from the ground up, with a custom
design to convey the value that Logic Health adds to its audience.

The new website was be designed to:

  • engage the users and provide an intuitive and dynamic interface so that the user can access all relevant information with ease
  • provide a UX focused platform tailored to the key audiences
  • be fully mobile/device responsive
  • be found easily through organic search (high-level SEO)
  • become a hub of information on training and services
  • become the focus of online activity, allowing the company’s social media presence to connect, providing a robust digital marketing ecosystem, ready for growth
  • display and easily setup blog articles, news, and events